Independent, Rigorous Economic Analysis.

Global Economics Group has expertise in almost every area of litigation, regulation and policy in which economic, financial, and statistical expertise helps analyze and elucidate complex issues.



Applied Knowledge.

Global Economics Group experts, along with our highly trained and multi-disciplinary staff, apply rigorous, thoughtful, and practical analysis to economic questions. We work with our clients to define the appropriate questions, identify the proper approach, and provide rigorous answers in clear language.

Practice Area

Antitrust and Competition Policy

Practice Area

Data Analytics and Statistical Modeling

Practice Area

Financial Regulation

Practice Area

Intellectual Property

Practice Area

Labor and Discrimination

Practice Area

Securities, Valuation and General Damages

Thought Leadership

Clarity & Vision.

Global Economics Group has extensive experience in Antitrust and Competition Policy, Data Analytics and Statistical Modeling, Financial Regulation, Intellectual Property, Labor and Discrimination, and Securities, Valuation and General Damages litigation.